Olympus Leather Case Styles for C-Series Digital Cameras

I've owned two styles of Olympus leather cases for the C series digital cameras. Both are the size of the camera plus a couple of small pockets.The SmartMedia card, spare batteries and remote control all fit very well into the pockets of the 2000 case, but not the new case, so I kept the old one.There is also a third style, but currently its not available in the US.

Original Soft Leather Case for C2000-Z Olympus

The first style, which I bought with the C2000-Z, stores the camera upright. It has a zippered pocket on the top and one on the side with a velco closure. Every now and then I see one on EBay. The part number to look for is 200562.

Olumpus 200562

Second Style

When Olympus released the C4040-Z, they changed the case design. This one stored the camera on its side and had a pocket on each side. The part number is 200766. The best price I've seen for it is at Best Buy for $15.99.

Olympus 200766

New (?) Hard Case

A third style has been spotted on the Olympus' Japanese site. It doesn't appear to have any pockets, but does have a nice style. It also looks like more of a hard case.Hopefully Olympus will add it to the US lineup. Its part number is listed as CSCH-07. Here's a link:
Japanese CSCH-07

Olumpus CSCH-07